The Future of Vampire Fiction

Well, I am gearing up for my panels at ArmadilloCon 2008 this August 15-17, 2008 in Austin. One of my panels is on Vampire fiction–Where has it been, what’s hot right now, where is it going from here? I’ve been doing a lot of research, a lot of reading and rereading, because I like to be very well prepared when it comes to these panels, but I also realize the benefits of consulting the communal mind when it comes to such a broad topic as this. What about it folks? Tell me what you think about vampire fiction. What does the genre need to do to stay fresh?

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  1. As a writer of Vampire fiction, I feel that the genre needs a major boost in the direction of creative and inventive stories. Take writers like P.C. Cast and Rachel Cain, Stephenie Meyer and Patricia Briggs. These writers have an amazing ability to write a story that is both fantastic, but based in reality. The idea that under the surface is a whole world we don’t understand is captivating and thrilling. I think the idea of vampires as this romantic and beautiful thing has passed. The idea that seems to be pushing in the Urban Fantasy genre is vampires are vicious, evil, creatures that thrive off blood and carnage. The vampires in Stephenie Meyer’s books, the Twilight Saga, are pushing against their initial instinct to kill and feed off human blood. But under it all, they are killers, drinkers and will always be. Vampires are becoming demistified (is that a word?) and are becoming more real and much, much more scary.

    H M White
    Bloodlines: A New Dawn


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