My Interview in the Austin Literary Examiner

GFaust_border2The wonderfully talented Gabrielle Faust just interviewed me for the Austin Literary Examiner. I really owe Gabrielle a big thanks for putting this interview together. She is an author, poet, and film critic, and a fellow member of the Texas Chapter of the Horror Writers Association. She asked some great questions.

Publishing News – Potter’s Field 3

I just got my contributor’s copy for Potter’s Field 3, edited by Cathy Buburuz. This is the first time I’ve worked with the good folks at Sam’s Dot Publishing, and I am really excited with the results. Carole Hall and Scott Virtes did a beautiful job on the cover, and quite a few of the stories have black and white drawings. I feel especially honored that my story, “Plague Dogs,” got a Marge Simon original illustration. She did a wonderful job capturing the mood of the story.

I’m also excited that “Plague Dogs” is coming out at the same time as my new novel Quarantined. Now that I have several novels under my belt, I’ve found that it is really hard to let go of the worlds in which my novels are set. As authors, we spend so much time fleshing out the setting and the environment and the politics that create the background of a story, that it seems a shame to just walk away when it’s all done. So what I sometimes do is write a short story or two set in the same world as the novel I just finished. It eases the separation anxiety. That’s the case with “Plague Dogs,” which takes place in San Antonio about four years after the events depicted in Quarantined.

I hope you enjoy “Plague Dogs,” but make sure and read the other tales as well. My favorites are “Deadline,” by Michael James McFarland, and “Whisper,” by Mark Onspaugh.

Here’s the full table of contents:

“Stone Heart,” by Alison J. Littlewood
“Sky Cemetery,” By Charlie Bondhus
“Deadline,” by Michael James McFarland
“Much of Madness, More of Sin,” by Lorne Dixon
“Plague Dogs,” by Joe McKinney
“The Worst is Yet to Come,” by Pete Mesling
“Whisper,” by Mark Onspaugh
“The Course of Reckoning,” by Ronda Scheerer
“The Caulbearers,” by Rebecca Nazar
“A Feeling Like Freedom,” by Dev Jarrett
“Sixth Son,” by Melissa Tantaquidgeon Zobel
“Encounter at Emerald Lake,” by Cathy Burburuz

And featuring illustrations by:

Carole Hall
Tom Moran
Marge Simon
Jacob Parmentier

Publishing News – Nights of Blood 2

Nights of Blood 2 CoverI just got my contributor’s copy of Nights of Blood 2: More Legends of the Vampire, and the book looks great. Editors Elyse Salpeter and Bob Nailor really did a great job on this one. My story, “Down in the Cellar,” takes a slightly different angle on vampires. Here the vampire is less an object of horror than a pawn in a wicked marital game of Russian roulette. Hope you enjoy it!

The table of contents:

“The Night Garden” by Mark Onspaugh
“Debts” by Amanda Pillar
“Under the Chocolate Tree” by David E. Hilton
“Floaters” by Michael S. Bumagin, M.D.
“Burden of Proof,” by Jennifer Graham
“A Rustle of Curtains,” by Henry Leon Lazarus
“Pas de Deux,” by Edward McKeown
“Defender,” by Garry Ward
“Expiration Date Not Required,” by A.D. Nailor
“Lazuli,” by Christine Rains
“1-800-Vampyre,” by Bob Nailor
“The Vampire Doll,” by Joette Rozanski
“Days and Nights,” by Elyse Salpeter
“Down in the Cellar,” by Joe McKinney
“Barney,” by James R. Cain
“Tales of the Vampire,” Mitchel Whitington
“Give Until it Kills,” by Joe Sergi

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