Cool Joel Sutherland Contest

Frozen BloodMy good friend Joel Sutherland, author of a truly wonderful gothic novel called FROZEN BLOOD, has just announced a new contest to help celebrate his nomination for the Horror Writers Association’s Bram Stoker Award for Best First Novel.

Here are the contest details. I wholeheartedly recommend taking part in this.

To celebrate the Bram Stoker Award nomination for FROZEN BLOOD, I’ve decided to run a contest to say thank you to everyone who has helped to spread the word about my first novel.


Points will be awarded for various acts, such as purchasing a copy of the book and writing an Amazon review. Once the contest has closed, points will be tallied and you will be awarded as many ballots as you have points. Ballots will then be randomly drawn to determine the winners.

Although some acts will be verifiable (reviews), others will be on the honour system (purchases).

Please email me with a list of all the acts you have completed. You may email me as many times as necessary (don’t wait until you have a final tally at the end of the contest, or you will miss out on the chance to win bonus weekly prizes). Send all emails to sutherlandjoel [at] yahoo [dot] ca, with “FROZEN BLOOD CONTEST” in the Subject line.


-Purchase FROZEN BLOOD from any online retailer. If you purchased a copy before the contest, don’t worry, it still counts (but email me just to make sure I count it). 50 POINTS

-Post a review of the novel on any Amazon site (.com, .ca,, etc.). 25 POINTS PER REVIEW (feel free to post the same review on multiple Amazon sites for extra points)

-Add a tag on any Amazon site. 1 POINT PER TAG (no limit)

-Add it to a Listmania! list on 10 POINTS PER LIST

-Write an Amapedia entry on 15 POINTS

-Write a post about this contest and link to it on your blog (Myspace, LiveJournal, personal website, etc.), or on your Facebook page. 5 POINTS PER POST (but only one post per blog/site)

-Go to a public library and suggest that they purchase a copy of FROZEN BLOOD (give them a printout from the book’s page with the ISBN). It doesn’t matter whether or not the library decides to purchase it. Feel free to make the same suggestion at different libraries. 25 POINTS PER SUGGESTION


-Grand Prize: A one-of-a-kind signature sheet (with the cover images of every nominated work) Joel had made for this year’s Stoker Weekend, signed in silver marker by all of the attending nominees.

-A copy of FRIED! FAST FOOD, SLOW DEATHS, signed by the co-editor, Colleen Morris, and myself.

-A rare signed copy of my illustrated storybook, THE TEDDY BEARS OF TOMORROW.

-ALIENS DVD box set (the first four films, X DVDs in total) – brand new


-SWINGERS DVD – brand new

-X-FILES DVD (the good one) – brand new

-Bonus: Every week beginning in July, a mystery prize will be randomly drawn from anyone who has a minimum of 5 POINTS at that time. This will not affect the final draw – you can still win one of the main prizes if you win one or more of the bonus prizes.




August 31, 2009

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