My Itinerary for ArmadilloCon 31

Itinerary for ArmadilloCon 31

I’m gearing up for this year’s ArmadilloCon 31 in Austin. Opening ceremonies kick of on Friday, August 14, 2009 at 4:00 pm and the fun will continue till we close the place down on Sunday, August 16, 2009. Guests this year include A. Lee Martinez, Joe R. Lansdale, John Picacio, Scott Cupp, Mario Acevedo, Rick Klaw, Steven Wedel, Lee Thomas, Bill Crider, Chris Roberson, Gabrielle Faust, Elizabeth Moon, and many others.

Here’s what I’ll be doing:

Friday, August 14, 2009

4:00 pm – Welcome to ArmadilloCon 31 in the deWitt Room.

7:00 pm – Opening Ceremonies in the Phoenix Central Room.

10:00 pm – A panel called “What Happened to the Monsters?” in the Phoenix Central Room with Lee Thomas, D.L. Smith, J. Stein, and Steve Wedel. Steve Wedel will be moderating and one of our guiding questions will be “Is it harder to create horror now that most of the traditional monsters are used by everyone?”

Saturday, August 15, 2009

12:00 pm – A panel called “Back to the Moon” in the De Zavala Room with J. Gibbons, A. Jackson, K. Murphy, B. Mahoney, and W. Ledbetter. J. Gibbons will be moderating and one of our guiding questions will be “Can We Stay There?”

2:00 pm – A panel called “Zombies!” in the De Witt Room with A. Lee Martinez, Lee Thomas, P. Wells, Mario Acevedo, and M. Williams. A. Lee Martinez will be moderating and one of our guiding questions will be “The Harlequin Romance of Horror?” I have no idea what that question means, but I guarantee you we are going to take this panel to town.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

10:30 am – I will be reading selections from my latest novel, Quarantined, in the Robertson Room. I’ll also be doing a question and answer session after the reading on incorporating police procedural information into your fiction.

12:00 pm – I will be signing autographs and posing for photos in the Dealer’s Room.

There are still tickets available. Go by the website

or come by the hotel:

Doubletree Hotel Austin
6505 IH 35 North
Austin, TX 78752-4346
(512) 454-3737

Hope to see you all there!

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