Publishing News: Blemish

My novella, “Blemish,” is currently being serialized over at the online horror magazine, Dark Recesses. “Blemish” was originally scheduled to be the first novella in my collection, Peacekeepers, but when that project fell through, this story was left without a home. I felt bad about that because “Blemish” is some of the best writing I’ve ever done. Check out the first installment of it here.

Due to the length, there aren’t many markets for novella-length stories, which I think is a shame. The novella is the perfect venue for the horror story. It’s length allows the writer enough room to fully develop the story’s concept, but doesn’t suck away six months of your life the way writing a novel sometimes can. And “Blemish” is one of those stories that really deserved the extra room to run.

I hope you agree. Come by Dark Recesses and give the first installment a read. The second and third installments will follow in the next two issues.

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