Weekend Roundup

Five things you might not know about Apocalypse of the Dead

Jonathan Maberry interviews the contributors of John Joseph Adams’ The Living Dead 2 and asks, “Why zombies?”

Lee Thomas interviews Laird Barron on anti-intellectualism in horror

The victims of David Boyer’s plagiarism fight back

John Farris has a new website called Dead, Buried and Back

For all of you getting ready for the zombie apocalypse

A fantastic database of free classic horror stories

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  1. Jim Weaver

     /  December 31, 2010

    I’ve been following the David Boyer/Jack Sawyer fiasco for a couple of weeks now. The guy is a total douche. I can’t believe someone could be that inventive crime-wise without wanting to bother to put forth the effort to actually write something on his own.

  2. joemckinney

     /  December 31, 2010

    Yeah, I know what you mean. The guy seems to have a large number of aliases. Makes you wonder what would happen if he put as much effort into his fiction as he does into coming up with alter egos. Still, the guy’s a slime ball. No question about it.


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