Publishing News – Quarantined to be Rereleased

Quite a few readers have asked me what’s going on with my second book, Quarantined.  Well, here’s the scoop.

My contract with Lachesis Publishing ran out on April 1st, and I’ve decided not to renew with them.  Lachesis is a good outfit, run by some wonderful people, but they’ve had some real difficulties dealing with distributors here in the U.S.  That’s made availability a problem, to the point that nearly all sales of the book over the last three years have come from Amazon.  Getting the title into the brick and mortar stores has been nearly impossible.

So, after some difficult decision making, I’ve decided to reposition the book with Permuted Press.  They will be doing an inexpensive ebook version that can be read on both the Kindle and the Nook, plus a trade paperback edition that I’m really looking forward to, as it will include a few technical revisions to bring the fight against the San Antonio Flu up to date.

Rollout will occur in two parts, with the ebook version appearing first.  Hopefully, the ebook version will be available within a few weeks.  The trade paperback edition is still waiting on new cover art and should be coming out sometime this summer.

I’ll have full details and exact release dates soon.  In the meantime, I’m told that the few remaining new copies of Quarantined are running for over a $100, with used copies going for over $50.

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  1. Permuted Press seems like a solid publisher. I’ve read many of their releases and enjoyed them all. Quite the niche they have going. And I’ve seen them in brick and mortar stores. Congrats on the decision.

    I just finished Flesh Eaters this morning and really enjoyed it. Glad to see my area (Cypress) was outside the wall. Very cool to read a zombie story set in my hometown.

    I also wanted to let you know that my web series is on it’s 4th episode (episode 5 comes out Monday) and would love for you to visit the site.

    Keep cranking em out, SGT!

  2. joemckinney

     /  April 22, 2011

    You bet! There’s plenty more to come! And thanks for reading. Hey, send me the link to your episodes again and I’ll post it here on my site.

  3. Great, I am looking forward to reviewing this one. Permuted Press has been great for fans of fiction.


  4. I just went looking for Quarantined on Amazon — it was next on my list to read! I’m so relieved to know it will be back soon.

    • joemckinney

       /  May 9, 2011

      Thanks Kristie! I think it’ll be worth the wait. Permuted does a really nice job with their books, and they have a far better distribution network than the book has previously enjoyed.

  5. Zombiemensch

     /  July 11, 2011

    I am halfway done reading flesh eaters…and wow… apoc of dead was my fav, but this has already surpased that. city of the dead was good, but this….is really good man! id really like to see a continuation of apocolypse of the dead tho… a number 2 with same people and stuff. i do like how the 3 books seem to be set around the same outbreak from diff views. great idea. just heard about quarantine. cant wait to check it out. any plans to spread the outbreak to diff parts of the country? and permuted press was a way smart move. theyre elite in the zombie realm…. i mean… they published za recht…. cant get more z than that!

    • joemckinney

       /  July 11, 2011

      Thanks! I’m glad you liked the Dead World stuff. The fourth and final book in the series, The Zombie King, should be out by this time next year, maybe earlier. Quarantined is a bit of a departure for Permuted. It’s not actually a zombie story, but still very much in the apocalyptic vein. Hope you like it!


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