Publishing News – Lair of the Living Dead

The following is from Win Scott Eckert, co-editor of THE GREEN HORNET CASEFILES, which will feature my short story, “Lair of the Living Dead.” My story put the Green Hornet and Kato up against a small army of the living dead, and offers an alternate basis for the 1967 Detroit Riots. I’m a huge Hornet fan, and I hope those of you who enjoy a superhero story every now and then will give it a go.

THE GREEN HORNET CASEFILES contents announcedby Win Scott Eckert

I’m pleased to announce the final contents Moonstone Books’ second Green Hornet anthology,The Green Hornet Casefiles.

Edited by Joe Gentile and Win Scott Eckert
Cover Art (Limited Edition Hardcover): Rubén Procopio
Cover Art (Trade Edition Softcover): Michael Wm. Kaluta
336pgs, b/w, Squarebound, 6”x9

“The Outlaw Hero” – Introduction by Ron Fortier
“Sting of the Yellowjacket” by Howard Hopkins
“Lair of the Living Dead” by Joe McKinney
“Through a Green Haze” by Dan Wickline
“The Black Widow” by John Everson
“A Thing of Beauty” by Bobby Nash
“The Insincerest Form of Flattery” by Paul D. Storrie
“Bad Medicine” by Vito Delsante and Win Scott Eckert
“The Gray Line Between” by F.J. DeSanto, Michael Uslan and Joe Gentile
“Up in Smoke” by Deborah Chester
“The Worst Angels of Our Nature” by Paul Kupperberg
“Now That Would Be Telling” by Bradley H. Sinor
“Summer of Death” by Barry Reese
“The Wet and the Wicked” by David Boop
“The Carlossi Caper” by Arthur A. Lyon
“Soldanus, the Sultan of Crime” by Gary Phillips
“The Dangerous Game” by Eric Fein
“Beauty Is As Beauty Dies” by James Mullaney
“Auld Acquaintance” by Matthew Baugh
“Memories of My Grandfather, Raymond J. Meurer” – Afterword by Lisa Meurer Long
Bonus Story In Limited Edition: “If These Walls Could Buzz” by Tim Lasiuta and Rafael Nieves

Moonstone Direct

THE GREEN HORNET CASEFILES Cover Art (Limited Edition Hardcover): Rubén Procopio

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