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About two years ago I wrote a short essay called “Zombies and Their Haunts” for Tor.com.  After reading extensively in the zombie genre, and watching nearly every movie I could find, I kept coming back to the idea that there was a real connection between the zombies wandering the ruins of an apocalyptic America and the ruins themselves.  The abandoned buildings in the background seemed intimately connected to the zombie hordes doing most of the action.  In fact, the connection, to me at least, seemed far more intimate than in any other sub-genre.  “Zombies and Their Haunts” was my attempt to flesh out that theory.  The editors at Tor.com liked it enough to publish it, and you can see a version of the essay here.

It was a fun little piece, but one that I didn’t really see a future for outside of the original post at Tor.com.  Then came a query from Armand Rosamilia of Rymfire Books.  Armand told me he was putting together a book of zombie-related essays geared toward the aspiring zombie writer, and when he asked me if I had anything I’d like to send him for the book I immediately thought of “Zombies and Their Haunts.”

Well, I’m happy to say that Armand picked up the essay, and 43 others from authors such as David Moody, Craig DiLouie, Jason Hornsby, Eric S. Brown, Tony Monchinski, David Dunwoody, W.D. Gagliani, and Tim Waggoner.  The book, Zombie Writing, just came out today.  It’s available in both a print edition and as an ebook.  And as a special bonus, the ebook is free until Saturday.

Here’s a look at the table of contents:

Neil Kloster – I’ll Have a Zombie With a Twist

Mark Clodi – On Zombies

Richard Lee Beyers – Anywhere Left to Stumble, Anything left to Groan?

Joe McKinney – Zombies and Their Haunts

Jason S. Hornsby – Death of the Undead

Rie Sheridan Rose – The Lighter Side of Zombies

Christian Jensen – Am I Fucked Up Because I Love Zombies?

Mainak Dhar – Breathing new Life Into the Undead

JD Gillam – Zombie Writing

Mark Justice – Flesh Eaters and beer Drinkers

Michael D. Griffiths – The Modern Menace

Dane Hatchell – Why Zombies?

T.S. Charles – Creating Dead: Bringing Realism to Flesh Eaters

David Moody – De-Individualization

Todd Brown – The State of the Zombie Genre

Craig DiLouie – Writing the Zombie Novel:  Lessons On Craft

Lee Pletzers – Why I Write About Zombies

Andy Taylor – The Zombie Inside Me

Kevin Coryell – My Zombie Holiday

Brent Abell – Zombies on the Brain

Sharon M. White – So, You Want to Write About Zombies?

Kelly M. Hudson – The Primal Nerve

Chantal Boudreau – Zomedy: Dark Humour of the Undead Kind

Carole Gill – Zombies: Way to Go!

Marissa Farrar – Keeping Science in Science Fiction

Tim Waggoner – I Dream of Zombies

W.D. Gagliani – The Zombie State

David Lee Summers – Expect the Unexpected

Lou Antonelli – The Z Word

Shawn M. Riddle – Writing in the Zombie Genre

Keith Gouveia – Current Flavor of the Genre: Rotten

Ian DG Sandusky – Lurching Back to Life

Tony Monchinski – The Undead and Me

David Dunwoody – New Flesh

DA Chaney – Why I Write About Zombies

Adam Millard – Gore and More: Writing Zombies

Thomas Scopel – Zombies…The Monsters That Ate a Genre!

Jeremiah Coe – Just as Dead as the Reanimated Corpses We Write About

Jasper Bark – Over-Drawn of the Dead

Ray Wallace – Zombie Apocalypse: The Obvious Choice

Eric S. Brown – Zombies

Blaze McRob – Writers Delving Into Zombies

Kate Madison – Forget Pretty Vampires, Dirty Zombies Rock!

Armand Rosamilia – Why I Write About Zombies

 There’s some good stuff in here.  Hope you enjoy!

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  1. Wow, what a line up! Great idea. I wish Armand, Rymfire books, and all those involve3d with this book the best of success!!


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