Publishing News: Something Permanent

I am happy to announce that my novella, “Something Permanent,” was just picked up for an upcoming anthology called Pantechnicon.  “Something Permanent” is the story of Philip “Bumper” Barker, a professional soldier who is in Cuba in 1933 fighting in the Sergeants’ Revolt.  While walking along the beach with a beautiful young woman named Melena Palmira, Bumper finds a fishing boat that has been stretched and corkscrewed by forces he cannot even begin to understand.  The boat belongs to Melena’s cousin, and when her father learns about the discovery, he forces Bumper to help him find his nephew.  But what they find in an underwater cave proves to be more incredible than any of them could have imagined.

There’s been a great deal of talk these past few years about Steampunk.  Ann and Jeff VanderMeer just released a landmark anthology of steampunk stories, and the wonderful Ellen Datlow has another promising anthology of steampunk stories coming out soon.  I enjoy steampunk.  I find the incredible gadgets and the clothes and Victorian sci fi great fun.  But it’s not what I like to write.  So I figured what steampunk did for the Victorians, I would try to do for the expatriot generation of the 1930s.  “Something Permanent” is my first entry into this new field.  Hopefully, the story and the ideas behind it will resonate with the reading public.

More on this anthology as it develops.



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