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Saturday, September 7th, 2013 La Cantera Barnes & Noble

My next zombie novel, The Savage Dead, comes out September 3rd, 2013, and I’m going to celebrate with a launch party at the La Cantera Barnes & Noble in San Antonio. Come join me between 2 and 4 and let free your inner zombie!

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  1. Larry H. Ramos

     /  September 16, 2010

    Please contact me at 210-607-1339 I would like to see if we can arrange a book signing event with you promoting your books at our coffee shop. Respectfully Larry H. Ramos

  2. David Curran

     /  March 26, 2011


    Do you have any plans to do a signing tour in the UK?



  3. Keith Amato

     /  May 24, 2012

    Hi. Any plans to visit the NY area, specifically Long Island as part of a promotional/book tour or signing? Love the DEAD WORLD SERIES!!
    Last: When approx do you anticipate THE ZOMBIE KING to be released??

    • joemckinney

       /  May 24, 2012

      Hi Keith,

      Thanks for the kind words about THE DEAD WORLD series! THE ZOMBIE KING went through a title change at the publishers. It will be released on September 1, 2012 with a new title, MUTATED. It’s available for pre-order on Amazon now, but should be in most of the brick and mortar stores come September. So, remember, look for MUTATED, not THE ZOMBIE KING. Title changes, by the way, are very common in the business.

      Actually I was in Long Island early in 2011 for the Bram Stoker Awards. I don’t when I’ll make it back, but when I do I’ll put up info about it here.


  4. Keith Amato

     /  May 24, 2012

    Thanks for the info. When is THE ZOMBIE KING being released?

  5. Keith Amato

     /  May 25, 2012


    Thanks for the reply and update to “the Zombie King.” I’ll be looking forward to it but first have to read the other two books in the series (currently I’m finishing up Zombie Apocalypse.)
    I’d love to purchase Mutated on Audiobook, would you know if it will be released in that format ?
    Lastly, I’d love an autographed photo and was hoping there was a way I could get you to send me a 8 x 10 of one of the dead world novel covers? Can I purchase one and send it to you for the autograph? Thanks again for your time!!


  6. joemckinney

     /  May 25, 2012


    My pleasure! Yes, MUTATED will be available as an audiobook. That will probably come out in September, alongside the paperback and ebook releases. I’m not sure who they’re getting to do the narration on this one, but I’m eager to find out. And I can definitely send you one of the book flats for MUTATED and APOCALYPSE OF THE DEAD. I think I might even have one for DEAD CITY laying around somewhere. Send me your address in an email to joemckinney2033@yahoo.com and I’ll mail that stuff out to you.


  7. Mike Lewis

     /  June 14, 2012

    Hi joe

    Just pre orderd mutated, so that answers the question I asked on the last email, me and the daughter are arguing allready who gets to read the book first, so as a surprise going to order her one for her self.

    I noticed in another email about autographe etc, we would love a autograph book, and was wondering if you ever thought about selling signed copy’s threw your web site, I reckon you would have a big demand, or selling signed photos of your self or signed cover pictures of the books, people could frame….so yep here is my question is it possiable for me to purchase from you a signed photo or signed photo cover of one of the dead city books, that I would love more then any thing, it would go in a frame in pride and place in our dining room.

    Can’t wait for the new book, September is to far away, lol.

    All the best

    Mike in Hartlepool UK

  8. Ray White

     /  January 17, 2013

    Hello sir,
    Just wanted to say, Love Dead world series. I know you have a few short stories dealing with Dead world scattered through a few anthologies; which are on my amazon wishlist.
    I was wondering if you plan on ever combining these into one book? Unless that is the dating in dead world? If so I am wondering if that one is out yet, because I cannot find it through amazon or any other site I look.

    Thank you and keep up the good work and the zombies down.


    • joemckinney

       /  January 18, 2013

      Hey Ray,

      Thanks so much for this! Short stories are my favorite thing to write, some I’m thrilled to hear you’re interested. As a matter of fact, I have collected all my zombie short fiction (which includes all the Dead World stories) into a collection due out in a few months from Creeping Hemlock Press. The collection is called DATING IN DEAD WORLD and should be available sometime in April. I’ll post more about it as the project gets ready to launch.

      Thanks again!



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