Publishing News – Nights of Blood 2

Nights of Blood 2 CoverI just got my contributor’s copy of Nights of Blood 2: More Legends of the Vampire, and the book looks great. Editors Elyse Salpeter and Bob Nailor really did a great job on this one. My story, “Down in the Cellar,” takes a slightly different angle on vampires. Here the vampire is less an object of horror than a pawn in a wicked marital game of Russian roulette. Hope you enjoy it!

The table of contents:

“The Night Garden” by Mark Onspaugh
“Debts” by Amanda Pillar
“Under the Chocolate Tree” by David E. Hilton
“Floaters” by Michael S. Bumagin, M.D.
“Burden of Proof,” by Jennifer Graham
“A Rustle of Curtains,” by Henry Leon Lazarus
“Pas de Deux,” by Edward McKeown
“Defender,” by Garry Ward
“Expiration Date Not Required,” by A.D. Nailor
“Lazuli,” by Christine Rains
“1-800-Vampyre,” by Bob Nailor
“The Vampire Doll,” by Joette Rozanski
“Days and Nights,” by Elyse Salpeter
“Down in the Cellar,” by Joe McKinney
“Barney,” by James R. Cain
“Tales of the Vampire,” Mitchel Whitington
“Give Until it Kills,” by Joe Sergi

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